Before we start off, if you haven’t read my last blog “How to find perfect shoes?“, please read it out! I’m sure you’ll love it.


Online shopping gives the consumer, the ability to find things that they might not be able to find in their locality, especially in the times of COVID-19.

It’s merely a click and shipment away.

  • First of all, consult customer reviews and ratings on the pair prior to purchase if you are planning to purchase footwear from a shop digitally for the first time, and you do not know the quality of their products as well

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  • Second of all, now let’s say we know about the shop, their product quality, and stuff but, are insecure about the size, as shoe sizes can vary greatly between manufacturers. But knowing the dimensions of your feet goes a long way towards getting the right pair( always measure during the afternoon )

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  • If it’s the first time you are buying from a particular website or brand, start with a test order, and make sure it’s not something that’s too much of a splurge.
  • Even if you do all your research, and find out the size is imperfect, make sure the store has a good return/exchange policy
  • Be willing to compare shoes and get a better understanding of exactly what makes them similar or different. This can help you recognize things you hadn’t realized before and make your decision easier.
  • Make sure the website has larger or zoomable pictures of all the different angles of the shoe.

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  1. Never compromise comfort

One of the most common questions asked by the buyers is-” Is it comfortable?”

Well, no one can answer this question besides you.

Every individual has a different foot measurement. No footwear in the world is made wholely for one person.


  • Maintain your weight
  • Wear proper-fitting socks ( cotton recommended ) and change daily to avoid bacteria build-up

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  • Use medical tape for new shoes to avoid bruises
  • Use a shoe freshener to avoid smelly foot

What will happen if you compromise comfort and go for a hard sole to save money?


Sciatica is a condition caused by unnecessary pressure on the sciatic nerve in our body.

Often, uncushioned footwear leads to the lower back and hip pain.

Hot and cold therapy, gentle exercises gives relief.

Therefore, it is advisable to wear shoes that fit snugly.