Want to find your perfect pair of shoes?

Read below to find out!

Did you all know that properly fitting footwear can help you improve body posture and gait?

Now let’s quickly get a sneak peek of different types of shoes and the best footwear brands that will keep you snuggled.

1. Medicated / Orthopedic footwear


  1. Drew
  2. Finn
  3. Vionic
  4. Orthofeet
  5. Dr.Comfort

2. Non-medicated Footwear


We often wonder what kind of shoes to wear on an article of particular clothing whether it is casual, formals, semi-formals, etc.

  • To start, loafers, derby, and classic Hi-Cut sneakers look great with skinny dressing.
  • Classic sneakers, suede bucks, brogues, double mono strap go accurately with slim/straight jeans.
  • For Bootcut jeans, all kinds of boots will do.
  • It’s better to wear longwing derby, mono strap, or brogue, but classic sneaker and suede bucks won’t look bad either.
  • Not least of all, alpargatas, boat shoes, and chukka boots look perfect with folded jeans.


Women do a lot of mind-mapping and brainstorming while trying to pick shoes. Sometimes it’s not easy to coordinate an outfit.

So, here are some tips that will surely help you!

  • Wedges look fabulous when paired with casual pants, maxi dresses, or even a skirt.
  • Pumps usually look great with knee-length dresses.
  • Moving on to boots, open-toe boots go perfectly well with the frock dress while long boots look good with jeans.
  • Belly shoes look great on high-waisted dresses or jeans.
  • Slip-Ons are best with any kind of comfy clothing.
  • On an item of semi-formal clothing, high heels look spectacular.


Shoe size varies vividly and it’s hard to know if you’ve gotten the right size or not.

So, here are some tips that’ll help you on the go.

  1. Have your feet measuredYour foot size and shape can change over time. Don’t rely on the fact that you always have worn a certain size.
  2. Don’t plan on shoes stretching over timeEnsure that they fit well when you buy them.
  3. Try at least three sizesGo with the size you think you are. Go a half size up and a half size down.
  4. Always stand and walk around in the shoeMake sure that your heel should not slip or slide while walking. Also, walk with both shoes on.
  5. Shop during the afternoonYour foot naturally expands with use during the day.
  6. Wear the same type of socks that you intend to wear with the shoe.
  7. Examine the soleThey should provide enough cushioning and not feel hard.
  8. SeasonalityDuring the summer, the feet are often swollen and sometimes larger.
  9. Leave 1/2 inch at the front and 1/8 inch at the back of the shoe.
  10. Laced shoes are easier to fitShoes with laces are easier to adjust to your specific needs and are easier to keep on the feet.


  • SHOE LENGTHS DO NOT STRETCH Most people do not want to accept the fact that a certain shoe is not built for their foot. They want to force it to work it out.
  • THE HIGHER THE PRICE THE BETTER THE SHOE….. Most shoes are usually priced by brand appeal and people end up paying higher than the original.
  • THE LIGHTER THE SHOE THE BETTERIn most scenarios, lighter shoes tend to be less durable and give less support.